Style Guide

"My aim is to help you look fabulous on your special day, in an outfit that flatters your personal shape and height, and to team it with the perfect hat, bag, shoes and jewellery.

Everything is designed by me and made by my expert team, whether bespoke or ready to wear, is exclusive to you and not available elsewhere."

<span>Burgundy Dress :</span> DSC_6952.jpg <span>DSC_7052 (2).jpg:</span> DSC_7052 (2).jpg <span>DSC_7074 b.jpg:</span> DSC_7074 b.jpg <span>DSC_7085 (2).jpg:</span> DSC_7085 (2).jpg <span>DSC_7317.jpg:</span> DSC_7317.jpg <span>Powder blue silk dress and lace bolero, with hat:</span> Lovely Powder blue silk dress and lace bolero, with hat to match, perfect for weddings, garden parties and special occastions <span>DSC_7351.jpg:</span> DSC_7351.jpg <span>DSC_7141.jpg:</span> DSC_7141.jpg <span>DSC_7166 (2).jpg:</span> DSC_7166 (2).jpg <span>DSC_7385.jpg:</span> DSC_7385.jpg <span>DSC_7186.jpg:</span> DSC_7186.jpg <span>Silk swing dress with lace overlay:</span> Classic swing dress with net underskirt and gorgeous lace overlay. Flattering and eye catching for any special occasion <span>DSC_7224 (2).jpg:</span> DSC_7224 (2).jpg <span>DSC_7210 b.jpg:</span> DSC_7210 b.jpg <span>DSC_7256.jpg:</span> DSC_7256.jpg <span>DSC_8019.jpg:</span> DSC_8019.jpg <span>Classic Silk shift Dress with Lace overlay:</span> Classic shift dress with lace overlay. Available in other colours. <span>Sateen and Cotton Floral Shift dress:</span> DSC_7016 (2).jpg <span>DSC_7360.jpg:</span> DSC_7360.jpg <span>IMG_3302.JPG:</span> IMG_3302.JPG <span>DSC_7367 (2).jpg:</span> DSC_7367 (2).jpg <span>DSC_7105 (2).jpg:</span> DSC_7105 (2).jpg <span>DSC_7300.jpg:</span> DSC_7300.jpg <span>DSC_7271 (2).jpg:</span> DSC_7271 (2).jpg <span>DSC_7290-2 (2).jpg:</span> DSC_7290-2 (2).jpg <span>Gold and Brown Silk and Crushed Velvet Suit :</span> Gold and Brown Silk and Crushed Velvet Suit , stunning two piece outfit for any special occasion. <span>DSC_7467 (2).jpg:</span> DSC_7467 (2).jpg <span>DSC_7485 b.jpg:</span> DSC_7485 b.jpg <span>DSC_7667.jpg:</span> DSC_7667.jpg